Sustainable Printing - Colemans Printing


One of the hottest topics at a national and global level is the effect of carbon emissions on the environment.  Reducing our carbon footprint and environmental waste is important to us and central to our business strategy. We don’t just love printing, we care for the environment and that is why all our paper stocks are sourced from certified sustainable forests.

The more paper we recycle the more trees, oil, water and landfill we save! Colemans is the only printer in the Northern Territory with Sustainable Green Print (SGP) certification and number one clean waste paper recycler.

SGP accreditation requires Colemans to uphold management and control procedures including the tracking of waste streams and to focus on energy consumption and carbon footprint. We comply with key performance indicators covering waste, recycling, energy, water, incident management, storage and handling of printing chemicals, energy and air emissions; ensuring that Colemans is aligned to ISO14001.go_for_green

Melaleuca Award – Recognising Environmental Excellence

Our environmental responsibility and innovation was recognised by winning the prestigious Power & Water Melaleuca Environment Awards in 2012.