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    Why bad graphic design is damaging to your business

    I received a flyer in my letterbox yesterday that looked like it had been designed in five minutes by a five-year-old. This is very sad for the business as they had spent the money on the production and delivery of the flyers without considering the image they were presenting to their potential...

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    Small City = Big Marketing Advantage

    Living in the Territory, businesses have a marketing advantage not always available to those who live in large cities. With our populations of approximately 148,000 in Darwin, 10,000 in Katherine and 30,000 in Alice Springs you are able to reach most of your customers using traditional and...

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    Business at Sunset

    The Northern Territory’s¬†Chamber of Commerce “Business at Sunset” was held by us on this date Wednesday, 11 March 2015. It was a great turnout, with over 100 guests, with must never before been inside an actual print factory before.¬† Many commented that they had no idea what...

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