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Floor Graphics

Cut Sticker
Removable & Permanent
Floor Graphics
Film Graphics
Design Options
Custom sized Floor Graphict – Step onto the WOW effect
Anti slip surface
Custom size Floor Graphic – Step onto the WOW effect
Anti slip surface
Floor Graphics Solutions can be used for creating your punctual floor advertising.
Floor Graphics Solutions means that even your floor surfaces can be turned into an
information medium in an easy and economic way.
• Washable and resistant to a large number
of detergents and solvents
• The “dot-shaped” adhesive coat makes the
material easier to handle and to reposition
• PE release liner providing excellent flatness
• Designed for short term indoor applications
like Trade Show, Seasonal Sales, etc. as
floor graphic advertising, without any
further protection film on top!
• Universally applicable for indoor use
• Strong visually impact of the advertising
on the floor
• Very good ink adhesion and scratch
• Recommend to apply on smooth floor
coverings like e.g. ceramic titles, marble,