Personalisation and Variable Data

Deliver personalised experiences with Colemans Printing variable data service

Today’s customers expect personalised experiences. Variable data enables you to deliver. By customising essential elements within your Direct Mail communication, you can achieve the personalisation customers demand at the scale you need to grow your business. Colemans Printing makes it possible.

What is variable data?

Variable data is a digital printing technology that enables customised content on individual pieces within a print run. It works by merging database information with printing technology to change individual elements based on a recipient’s data. If you have ever used an email marketing platform or performed a mail merge, you are already familiar with variable data.

1. Database contacts

All you need to do is provide your database. We can also help to clean and combine databases to save you time.

2. Merging information

Our innovative variable data printing technology creates personalised printing based on an individual’s data.

3. Making changes

Variable data printing allows you to customise names, addresses, images, text, URLs and QR codes without slowing the printing process.

4. Personalised experiences

As a Bulk Mail Partner for over 10 years, we can print, collate and distribute your custom printing in branded envelopes.

Colemans Printing:
Simplifying variable data for our clients

We use variable data technology to personalise direct and transactional mail campaigns. By customising content for each recipient, we help Darwin organisations deliver highly targeted communications with greater ROI.

Personalise names and addresses

Using variable data for names, addresses and salutations on letters, envelopes, invitations, tickets or vouchers adds the personal touch your customers are looking for.

Full colour or black and white

Variable data can even be used to change images. We use the latest printing technology for crisp full-colour printing or cost-effective black and white projects.

Manage important mailouts easily

From invoices to promotions, variable data is an essential tool when coordinating important campaigns. Our experience can help you deliver better messages without stress.

Variable data printing to meet your requirements

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Variable data printing is not just for large-scale marketing campaigns. It is also a great way to add a personal touch to corporate letters, invitations, invoices, rates notices, envelopes, gift vouchers and promotional campaigns. Whether you want to send Christmas cards to your clients or distribute monthly invoices throughout Australia, we can help.

End-to-end Direct Mail support in Darwin

Variable data printing is just one solution we offer at Colemans Printing and Signage. As Darwin’s largest and most experienced printer, we can guide your project from start to finish. And if you need repeat or regular mailouts, we are happy to provide ongoing support.

  • Direct Mail campaign strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Printing and finishing
  • Up to 6 insertions
  • Bulk Mail delivery
  • Database support

Darwin’s most experienced Direct Mail partner

Colemans Printing and Signage offers a complete package of Direct Mail support. As a Bulk Mail Partner with Australia Post, we have the experience, equipment and systems to provide a professional service for clients of all sizes. What sets us apart is our 70+ years in business and dedication to supporting local organisations. When you partner with Colemans Printing, you get more than a printer. You get the whole package.