Acoustic Panels and Writable Surfaces

Innovative solutions for any space

Colemans Printing and Signage is bringing comfort and productivity to offices, classrooms, businesses and homes with two unique products. Our innovative acoustic panels and writable surfaces will transform any commercial, industrial, hospitality or education space. Discover how we combine aesthetics and acoustic performance with two specialty products, Acoustic Solutions and Writable Surfaces.

Colemans Acoustic Solutions

Colemans Acoustic Solutions is a flexible sound-absorbing solution to make indoor spaces more comfortable.

Colemans Writable Surfaces

Bring your imagination to life by turning any wall into a productive surface with CWS (Colemans Writable Surfaces).

Custom solutions for your space

From custom acoustic panel printing to bespoke layouts, Colemans Printing creates unique designs for any space.

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Improve indoor comfort with Colemans Acoustic Solutions

Excessive noise is a burden to productivity, comfort, health, and customer experiences. Colemans Acoustic Solutions absorb sound waves to create a calmer space. Whether you need to meet local noise regulations, reduce echo and reverberation, or improve sound quality in the classroom, café or conference room, Colemans Printing provides the best acoustic panel available in Darwin.

Wide range of colours and styles

Acoustic Solutions panels are 2800mm x 1225mm as standard, and available in various colours. Choose from 12mm or 24mm thickness, depending on your requirements.

Custom acoustic panel printing

As Darwin’s digital and offset printing experts, we can print custom designs on acoustic panels for any office, retail, education or hospitality space.

Easy fabrication and installation

Our acoustic solutions are suitable for commercial, industrial, hospitality, education and home use. We can install them on walls, ceilings and screens for targeted sound absorption.

Safety, comfort and aesthetics combined

Colemans Acoustic Solutions are Group 1 Fire Rated, with NRC ratings of 0.45 (12mm) and 0.75 (24mm), combining comfort and performance with custom-printed designs.
Top Quality Printers in Darwin, Alice Springs - Colemans Printing

Let your ideas flow free with CWS

Transform an entire wall into a productive surface with Coleman Printing’s latest innovation, Colemans Writable Surfaces. These ultra-high gloss panels are a creative way to encourage inspiration and creativity in schools, offices, conference rooms, co-working spaces and homes. They are easy to install, easy to clean, and exceptionally durable – even in busy classrooms.

  • Flexible sizing options: We offer two sizes of CWS panels, 2070mm x 900mm (8.7kg) and 2440mm x1220mm (13.8kg), giving you more choice and greater convenience.
  • Creativity at work: CWS panels work with any dry-erase marker and can be installed in minutes, transforming your space into a creative zone before your next meeting.
  • Lightweight and durable: Half the weight of glass and 25x stronger, with an advanced scratch-resistant coating, CWS is a cost-effective alternative to glass panels.
  • Effortless and hygienic: CWS panels are easy to clean with warm soapy water, and feature a hygienic chemical-resistant coating that prevents contaminant build-up.

Custom panel solutions from Darwin’s leading team

Our values of innovation, responsibility and experience come together in our writable and acoustic panel products. As Darwin’s largest and most experienced printer and signage producer, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life – and the service to exceed expectations.

Speak to a local specialist today about Colemans Acoustic Solutions and Colemans Writable Surfaces. Whatever your vision, we can help transform your space into a healthy, productive, creative, collaborative environment.


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