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Acoustic Panels and Writable Surfaces by Colemans

Acoustic Panels in Darwin

CAS (Colemans Acoustic Solutions) is the ideal material for absorbing internal sounds to reduce the noise level in a space. Available in a wide range of colours, CAS can be used for a variety of applications at an affordable price.

CAS is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance, as well as aesthetics, are required. CAS has a wide range of colours and ease
of use making it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality and institutional projects.

Why should I add Colemans Acoustic Panels to my space?
  • Ability to have bespoke designs printed on the panels
  • Reduce echo, background noise and reverberations
  • Improve sound quality of conversations
  • Increase the tranquility of the area
  • Add colour and aesthetics to your office or home
Key Features
  • Easily Fabricated & Installed
  • Variety of colours
  • Digital Print capabilities
  • Standard Sheet Size: 2800 x 1225mm
  • 12mm or 24mm thickness options
  • Recyclable
  • NRC Rating: 0.45 (12mm) & 0.75 (24mm)
  • Reduces echos, background noise and reverberations
  • Group 1 Fire Rated
Key Applications
  • Digital Print
  • Perfect for use on walls, ceilings and screens
  • Suitable for commercial, hospitality and industrial projects

Writable Surfaces by Colemans

If Acoustic Panels are not quite what you are after, Colemans Writable Surfaces might be suitable for your project. Whether it’s in the office, classroom, or throughout your home, you can convert entire walls into productive surfaces. CWS (Colemans Writable Surfaces) ultra high gloss panels are suitable for use as writing display boards in conjunction with any dry erase marker and can be installed in minutes.

CWS is 4mm thick, and is available in two panel sizes convenient for commercial and residential purposes.

  • 2070mm x 900mm (8.7kg per sheet)
  • 2440mm x1220mm (13.8kg per sheet)
Cleaning and Maintenance

CWS is easy to keep clean using warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth, chamois or squeegee. It’s hygienic, non-stick surface will not harbour the build up of contaminants.
It’s surface is non ghosting and will wipe clean easily on daily basis with a marker cleaning block or microfibre cloth. It may be necessary to use whiteboard cleaning
solutions for some markers if they are left on the surface for extended periods.

Key Features
  • Significantly less expensive than equivalent glass products
  • Effortless to clean due to its advanced scratch and chemical resistant hard coating
  • Half the weight of equivalent glass yet up to 25 times stronger
  • A high performance hard coat on the panel’s face side is extremely resilient against scratching chipping, cracking, warping, staining, peeling and flaking.

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