5 Signage Tips to Drive Attention and Traffic to Your Store

Sep 28, 2022

Branded signage has the ability to drive customers toward your business or deter them. Eye-catching signs tend to be one of the first elements seen by potential clients, making it imperative to design and display quality signage in Darwin.

Whether you’re looking to increase footfall within your store or encourage website visits, read on to learn 5 effective signage tips from the experienced team at Colemans Printing.

Use large, bold text

Signs are essentially marketing tools, be it printed banners or online adverts. In order to drive customers toward your business, the first step is creating signage that is easy to read. This means both using large signs with clear text, as well as easy-to-digest language.

Utilising professional signage printing in Darwin means accessing valuable information like ideal text size, bold fonts, and eye-catching copy.

Choose suitable, complementary colours

Another key aspect to creating visually appealing (and readable!) signs are effective colour schemes. Keeping in mind your company’s brand guidelines, it’s important to use colour theory to increase the responsiveness of potential customers.

For example, a bold red is great for large signs seen from far away, but wouldn’t work for companies promoting tranquillity, or eco-friendly products. Blue is known as a trustworthy colour, purple is indulgent and soothing, and so on.

Put the right sign in the right spot

This may sound obvious, but what it means is choosing a well-designed sign suitable for its particular needs. For example, outdoor or directional signs used to show store location or ongoing promotions should be highly visible from a distance. Digital signage, on the other hand, is smaller and requires plenty of branding aspects for effective marketing.

Colemans Printing are experts at signage in Darwin and can create powerful signs suitable for your specific purpose, from exciting promotional signs to neat indoor versions for product sections, boosting customer engagement through clear messaging and visually effective designs.

Smart positioning

Once you’ve clarified the details and messaging of your signs, it’s time to determine the ideal location for them to be seen. Poor installation renders the signage useless, so make sure they are placed at eye-level, and at an angle where they can be seen from all directions.

Clarify your target audience and position your professional signs at the right height for them, at noticeable places suitable for that sign’s specific functionality.

Display eye-catching signage in Darwin

Attracting the attention of customers is at the core of a great sign, and with so much competition it’s vital to stand apart from the crowd. Effective graphic design is a specialised skill set that takes practice and dedication, making professional design and signage printing in Darwin a wise business investment.

Combining your company’s original branding with compelling visual signage factors, like engaging colours and unique layouts, creates positive, eye-catching signs that are compelling to a wide range of customers.

Quality signage printing in Darwin with Colemans Printing

Extensive experience providing premium design and printing services to a wide range of industries has made Colemans Printing the go-to source for signage in Darwin. From shop-front signs and pull-up banners, to street signage and vinyl stickers, the professional signage results speak for themselves.

Contact us today to discuss new signage, or for enquiries relating to professional graphic design and printing needs.