5 Tips for Designing Effective Outdoor Banners

Dec 22, 2021

When it comes to reaching large audiences, outdoor marketing banners can be incredibly effective marketing tools. Clear communication at street level is a simple, eye-catching way to attract the attention of potential customers that also acts as a branding tool.

Getting certain design elements right is essential for successful outdoor banners – the following tips will help you create impactful, professional signage.

Create a focal point

Any time someone looks at posters, signs, or outdoor banners, their eye is drawn to a focal point. Designing a well-balanced banner with both detail and white space, leads the viewer through the sign to a key focal point – the most important or impactful section of the design.

Providing both contrast and emphasis with a focal point retains viewers interest and keeps them focused on the central point of information being conveyed.

Consider font vs banner size

Go big or go home is a sentiment that applies to outdoor banners – their key role being capturing attention while communicating key details to a crowd. For your banner to be both eye-catching and readable, you need to consider how far away the reader will be.

Calculate the font size to be 10 inches of letter height per each 100 feet of viewing distance. This will ensure all text is clearly visible, and the banner is the correct size to contain it.

Location, location, location

When considering the design of an outdoor banner, location becomes a key consideration. The location will dictate the layout of the banner design, including everything from font size, colour usage and even the messaging. For example, a banner located at a shopfront on a busy highway with a lot of text will not be as effective as a banner with a short, sharp message and bright colours to capture attention quickly. On the other hand, a banner that receives a lot of foot traffic, like on a footpath or at a festival, will benefit from the inclusion of longer messages because the audience will be far more likely to have the time to digest this content.

Colour is key!

Nothing grabs a viewer’s attention more than a punchy colour scheme. Outdoor areas tend to be full of distractions and other advertisements, making simple and stylish colour schemes essential to capturing the focus of your intended target market.

The right colours can not only assist in selling your company’s marketing message, but also emphasize key elements of branding within your outdoor banner design in Darwin.

Clear call to-action

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an interesting banner, but walking away unclear of its message! Place your core call-to-action front and centre in your outdoor banner design, in as simple terms as possible.

Effective CTA’s (calls to action) may be a clear statement like “visit us in store today!”, or a QR code for viewers to scan on their smartphone, leading them to your website or social media platforms.

Simple yet effective

One of the most valuable tips to remember from this article should be to keep it simple. Most viewers are glancing up at a banner while on the move, giving you seconds to capture their attention and convey your message.

A clean design with minimal information and maximum visual punch is the formula for stunning outdoor banners that effectively sell your brand.

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