7 Graphic Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Jul 28, 2022

If your company has a website and social media platforms then graphic design is an element of your business that should be given a great deal of consideration. Graphics have become an essential component to running a business, representing your brand, and marketing strategy.

Learn about the value of quality graphic design in Darwin, and key mistakes to avoid.

The value of quality graphic design in Darwin

Consumers are visual creatures, and with so many competing brands it’s vital to have high-quality graphic design elements to represent and sell your services. Investing in experienced graphic design in Darwin means working with a professional agency to create premium visuals and a recognisable, successful brand.

Ignoring design trends

Not every brand needs to be ultra-stylish, but sticking to outdated graphics can harm your company’s reputation. Regardless of your target market, consumers are not oblivious to contemporary design trends; they understand your brand is up-to-date and clued into the newest advancements in design and beyond.

Neglecting smartphone adaptations

Failing to create a mobile responsive design is one of the most unforgivable graphic design mistakes you can make today. With so many consumers using smartphones instead of a desktop computer, it’s imperative to create an adaptive design that works for phones, tablets, and laptops.

Too many fonts

Using too many typefaces (and colour schemes!) is the sign of an amateur designer – be sure to choose an experienced graphic design team that understands the value of one font style and clean text hierarchy for accessible design.

Convoluted design

With so many graphic elements to balance when creating a new design – from font and keywords to colour to imagery – it can be tempting to go overboard, but this approach tends to be visually off putting to most consumers.

An experienced graphic designer in Darwin recognises the core elements of your brand, and knows the value in sticking to a clear and effective design, focused around approved brand guidelines.

Using stock imagery

Working with a design agency who understands the importance of quality imagery and professional photos is vital. While stock imagery has a time and a place – and can be cost-effective in the right circumstances – key branding visuals should be personal to your company, and closely represents its ethos and relevancy.

Designing for personal tastes

Any graphic designer worth their salt understands their own personal tastes need to be set aside for the good of the brand. A company owner set on applying their own preferences to a design project is missing the point – your target audience’s tastes should be the only one that matters.

Poor grammar and spelling

Sure, graphic designers are not content experts, but this is no excuse to include poorly written text within a graphic design project. In today’s world of spell check and automatic grammar suggestions, there’s no reason to leave a new design unchecked for amateur mistakes.

Choose an experienced graphic designer in Darwin

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