Boost your business eco-credentials with sustainable signage printing

Nov 18, 2022

Choosing sustainable practices whenever possible has become a focus for contemporary businesses. Marketing materials and signage printing is one area where it’s never been easier to make an eco-friendly change, thanks to innovative printers, ink, and equipment.

A long-standing focus on environmentally friendly print practices led Colemans Printing to expand its production capabilities with the purchase of an HP Latex R2000 printer.

With a vast range of signage and print services with unique branding and design, your company can join the green revolution while expertly promoting your brand in a stylish and eye-catching manner.

Reliable alternatives to aluminium signage printing

Unlike traditional UV flatbed printers, the water-based inks used by the HP Latex R2000 Printer are among the most environmentally-friendly options available today. This impressive ecological benefit makes HP Latex significantly better for the environment than its competitors, with superior disposal methods and safer products. These sustainable materials in no way affect the quality or performance of this innovative printer.

Soy and vegetable-based oil inks are another non-harmful alternative to aluminium for event signage printing, as renewable resources require no damaging cleaning chemicals, unlike petroleum-based inks.

The eco-friendly advantages of the way Colemans Printing does business

Investing in a premium HP Latex R2000 Printer was an easy choice for the knowledgeable team at Colemans Printing, who wanted to pass on the exciting enhanced product capabilities and eco-friendly benefits to their valued customer base.

The hybrid solution provided by this sustainable printer delivers premium printing results on both flexible and rigid substrates, resulting in stunning quality event signage

By producing signage and printing using water-based inks, your eye-catching printed marketing materials retain the same properties as before (from recyclable to flame-proof) meaning you can safely recycle all suitable signage, unlike UV alternatives that other local companies use..

Key benefits of sustainable printing in Darwin

There are many reasons to increase the sustainability credentials of your business. Decreasing the carbon footprint produced by your company’s activities can be seen as a moral obligation, but there are greater advantages to investing in eco-friendly printing than simply feeling better.

Today’s well-informed customers expect businesses to act in a socially responsible manner, minimising waste and choosing sustainable practices and marketing materials wherever possible. Meeting these expectations can result in a loyal customer base and a stellar reputation placing you ahead of competitors.

Offering environmentally-friendly event signage printing has far-reaching effects, reusing recycled materials wherever possible to preserve the earth’s valuable finite resource. The positive knock-on effect of this is a more competitive and affordable market for companies and consumers alike.

Superior major event signage printing with Colemans Printing

A long-standing reputation as a premium printing service provider was created by Colemans Printing since its establishment in 1954, thanks to a focus on respecting the communities and cultural environment within the Northern Territories. This emphasis on innovative practices has continued to develop from a sustainable viewpoint, with eco-friendly and efficient print services available for superior signage results.

Contact Colemans Printing today to purchase sustainable printing in Darwin, or with any queries about the wide range of available print and signage services.