Colemans keep reinventing!

Jan 18, 2021

As the leader in creative design, print and signage in Northern Australia, Colemans Printing always make sure to innovate in order to offer the best solutions to their clients. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Colemans is the first company in the region to acquire this new piece of printing technology: the HP Latex R2000.

This new asset is a true game-changer for the company as it expands the services proposed and increases the quality of the products delivered. Colemans new technology can do long-term and high quality print to print repeatably and quickly. We can now easily print on any rigid or flexible material up to 50mm thick: wood, plastic, aluminum composite, glass, textile, ceramic… the list goes on!

This new printing machine acquisition comes from Colemans desire to open up the possibilities and to offer their clients further options. It also goes along with their environmental concerns and quality focus, while increasing their productivity with smarter printing technology.

Indeed, the HP Latex R2000 has ecological highlights such as the use of water-based inks that are Nickel free, Non-flammable and contain no Hazardous Air pollutants. As the chemical emissions is very low, it does not require any special ventilation. Because it uses healthy inks, the prints produced are odorless and safe to use for indoor signage and deco, in sensitive environments such as home, restaurants, retails or even hospitals.

By offering more printing options, Colemans increase versatility to expand into new applications that can suit any business.

Tony Coleman, Managing Director of Colemans Creative + Printing + Signage seems very enthusiastic about this novelty: “This revolutionary machine can print with vibrant colors on any material up to 50mm thick. We have confidence in our team, our training and our equipment that we can now print easily on glass, metal, wood.”.

Magdaline Colemans shares the same excitement: “It Is such an exciting time to do business in the NT and we are now able to expand into packaging, retail, outdoor signage and window graphics as well as events and exhibitions, decoration, vehicle boat and bus wraps. Colemans produce locally and focus on quality. That is why we are always happy to invest in new technologies that enhance to service our customers better”, she said.

Colemans is a sixty-five-year-old family run company with husband and wife team at the helm. They are the dynamic duo of printing, who together run the new version of the trusted brand that Colemans is today. Colemans Creative + Printing + Signage is a demonstration of solid leadership and communication. The company surround themselves with good resources and good people who understand the industry and work very well together.

Think it up, and we will print it up.