Colemans Go For Green

Feb 2, 2015

Reducing our carbon footprint and environmental waste is central to our business strategy and we are proud to have Environmental Management aligned with ISO 14000S accreditation. Our environmental policy ensures our products and services align with current legislation and is integral to our operations. In 2012, Colemans reached a key milestone – Level 2 Certification by Sustainable Green Print (SGP), an Australian Independent Environmental Certifier for the printing industry. We are one of 40 printers in Australia with SGP Level 2 environmental accreditation. Colemans is the only printer in the Northern Territory with SGP Certification and number one clean waste paper recycler. Our standard stocks are sourced from certified sustainable forests. See how the Colemans Go for Green campaign may assist your business in focusing on environmental issues. Contact us on 8982 4000 for further information.