How to stand out from your competition at an event or expo

Feb 25, 2022

From trade shows to conferences, expos can be a fantastic way to meet new clients and build valuable relationships. Industry events offer great sales and branding opportunities, but to get the most out of each event (and make the investment worthwhile) you need to stand out from the crowd.

Investing in flyers, posters, and pull up banner printing in Darwin is essential; adding clear, eye-catching signage that draws in visitors, and maximises your results.

Create an eye-catching stand

In the sea of booths at a busy trade show, it’s imperative to include highly visible signage in Darwin to your stand. Place signs above head height so they’re viewable in a crowd, as well as branded elements closer to eye-level like name tags and table numbers, using visible text and bright colours that resonate with your brand.

A great tip is to use unique pull up banner design in Darwin, including well-placed banners near the event entrance to immediately alert visitors to your presence.

Use multiple forms of signage

Once you have grabbed people’s attention using indoor or outdoor banners in Darwin, it’s important to have additional printed materials to complete the job. Visitors need a reason to stay and wait at your stand; from brochures to posters, there are multiple forms of signage to keep the attention of warm leads.


To stand out from the competition, opt for premium pull up banner printing in Darwin. Large banners are invaluable, thanks to their ability to contain all key information, while drawing attention. Their durable design also makes them suitable for reuse, saving both money and environmental costs.


Perfect for placing outside or inside your stand at a busy event, posters can quickly convey important details to all visitors or passers by. Be sure to include your company logo and branded colours, and keep the message short and easily read on each poster.

Event stations

Including eye-catching features like a media wall, event pop up station, life-size cut-out, or fabric wall will keep visitors entertained, all while promoting key facets of your brand. Colemans Printing offers customised cutting to allow for the creation of signs of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Flyers / brochures

For those visitors who either don’t have the time to stop and speak to you, or for people who wish to leave with key information in hand, flyers or brochures are great take-away materials to have at your stand. Include an offer or promotion to encourage a visit to your booth, or future sales.


Particularly effective for creative companies or those with strong visual branding, postcards can be an affordable yet effective marketing tool to offer new potential customers as a thank you. Whether they

Digital essentials

Customised digital elements such as logos and email signatures for special occasions, gala dinners, or business anniversaries are a concrete way to push out further branded elements that consistently represent your company.

Clear messaging

The key to a successful event is a clear overall message on all signage in Darwin. With plenty of surrounding competition, visitors will be attracted by coherent branding and great design on all signs. Include your logo on everything, and use quality pull up banner design in Darwin to draw people in.

Including key data capabilities such as table and booth names or numbers, as well as name tags and post-event follow up material is a guaranteed way to place important messaging directly in front of a potential customer’s eyes, with no competing ads and algorithms, unlike online marketing.

Premium pull up banner printing in Darwin

To stand out from the crowd and convey your point, choose quality pull up banner design in Darwin from Colemans Print. As experts in creating professional printed materials for businesses of all shapes and sizes, our premium banners instantly display a powerful promotional message, in a reusable and cost-effective manner.

Get in touch today to request a quote, discuss new designs, or order a new banner (along with a handy carry bag), or call us on 08 8982 4000.