Small City = Big Marketing Advantage

Sep 11, 2018

Living in the Territory, businesses have a marketing advantage not always available to those who live in large cities. With our populations of approximately 148,000 in Darwin, 10,000 in Katherine and 30,000 in Alice Springs you are able to reach most of your customers using traditional and cost-effective traditional marketing methods.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is pretty much anything that isn’t’ online. It includes print marketing, broadcast marketing (TV & Radio) and direct mail marketing, which uses printed material like brochures, letters, postcards, catalogues and fliers sent through the mail.

Business owners in the Northern Territory can reach their audiences effectively through marketing methods such as brochure and flyer distribution, car wraps, banners, posters and shopfront branding. In larger cities, the spread of the target market is too wide and these strategies are not as targeted as they can be here in the Territory.

Brochure & Flyer Production & Distribution

Your options here are endless. We can produce flyers for distribution in the newspaper, in letterboxes, postal boxes, at complementary businesses and to hand out from your premises.

Colemans Printing has a long-standing relationship with Australia Post and we are able to help you with targeted campaigns to reach either consumers, other businesses or particular areas of the Northern Territory and interstate. Direct mail campaigns are seeing a resurgence as a form of promotion as they cut through the clutter of online and broadcast advertising.

When you utilise this method of promotion with a specific offer you will also be able to track the ROI and effectiveness of the campaign

Car Wraps

Car wraps are an excellent marketing tool in the Territory. Our population is highly mobile, the majority of Territorians drive and it is an effective way of spreading your branding message when driving and parking in prominent places. The technologies have really improved so that vehicles can now be professionally designed and branded to act as mobile advertisements for your business.

Shopfront branding

Do you know how many people walk or drive past your business daily? This is funnily referred to as traffic and foot flow and the number of “eyeballs on your business”.  A good example of shopfront branding in Darwin is the IGA on Smith street. There is no way that you cannot tell that it is a supermarket that stocks a lot of grocery essentials. They have six panels displaying what they do, and it is both eye-catching and a good use of street front.

If you have a window front or blank wall outside your business, use it as a free marketing space to promote your services and make potential customers aware that you are there.

At Colemans, we have in-house graphic designers who can quickly and professionally design any printed material for your traditional marketing needs. Talk to us today about what we can help you with to bring in more leads and customers to your business.