The purpose of a logo and why it matters

Dec 22, 2021

Brand logos have become such a mainstay in contemporary culture that they often go unnoticed. Stop reading for a minute and look at your room… There are bound to be a vast number of logos from minor and major businesses placed both directly (Apple laptop?) and ostentatiously (Amazon packaging!) all around you.

Logos have developed into a key part of any company’s identity, summing up their values as much as their products or business model. If you are looking to create a unique logo design in Darwin, for a new enterprise or company rebrand, it’s important to understand the purpose and importance of a logo.

What is a logo for?

The main purpose of any logo is to clearly identify the brand it represents. Whether it is the identifying factor of a service, product, business, or overarching global brand, a logo is the core visual element customers will recognise and relate to.

With a key aim of brand recognition, having a clear and eye-catching logo created by an experienced logo design company in Darwin is the best way to stand out form the competitors. While an intricate art piece can be tempting to draw attention, it tends to convolute the core message and end goal of spreading brand awareness.

Core identity

A great logo acts as a key identifier of all aspects of a company’s communication and marketing, whether it’s a print ad or your company website. Your logo speaks about ownership, and lets your core audience know who you are, and what your company is about.

Your logo doesn’t necessarily have to describe your business, nor be artistic, but it does need to identify the business. For example, Apple doesn’t use an image of a phone or computer as their logo, McDonald’s doesn’t use a hamburger and Nike doesn’t use sneakers.

Given the amount of visual information we process daily in today’s world of internet and advertising, having a simple, clean logo can be the best way to convey your core identity, without confusing the viewer. By working with an experienced logo design company in Darwin who understands your core brand identity, you can encapsulate brand values in a clear effective way that becomes instantly recognisable with your audience.


Rather than approaching your logo design in Darwin as a piece of art meant to paint an entire picture, focus on how it can be used as a strategic tool for the company. With many industries and markets flooded with competitors of all levels, it’s imperative to stand out from the crowd and become a recognisable brand.

As much as it needs an attractive design, it should summarise the most important facet of the business while appealing to your desired audience. It will become the first thing people think of in relation to your brand, making it important to have a simple design that won’t go out of style.

Quality logo design Darwin

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