Why Print is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Nov 19, 2022

Delivering the right message at the right time is at the core of great marketing. While digital strategies have their place, there is a multitude of missed opportunities without effective print marketing materials.

The most successful marketing techniques are delivered in the right format with memorable branding; classic printed collateral like business cards, flyers, brochures, packaging and more from expert printers in Darwin fit these criteria to a ‘T’.

The benefit of printed marketing materials

Humans are tactile creatures at heart. Having a tangible piece of printed marketing material is more memorable than the flash of an online advert, and boosts brand awareness by being seen or read multiple times over.

The power of variable data printing enables you to personalise materials and makes your customers feel valued, taking print marketing to the next level in an efficient, cost-effective, manner.

A wide range of custom printing services in Darwin

Connecting with your chosen target market is key to effective marketing; a combination of a punchy message and a striking design delivered at an opportune moment. Working with established providers of top-quality printed materials in Darwin means accessing a vast range of products and customisable options, including unique graphic designs to take your branding message home.

Signage and pull-up banners

Complimentary branded signage is an essential part of promoting a brand, whether it’s at a brick-and-mortar store, event display, or B2B trade show. Find the right powerful marketing tool in the form of exterior signs, eye-catching reusable pull-banners, or essential secondary signage (directions, exits, checkout, etc) with Colemans Printing today.

Flyers and posters

Marketing flyers may have been around for aeons, their power and reach are highly valuable. A printed flyer offers vast benefits especially to small-to-medium-sized businesses, reaching a wide audience with cost-effective means.

Quality printing services in Darwin for branded posters and flyers can be used for multiple means, from large-format printed materials promoting a new product or service to well-placed flyers containing a special offer. Why not add a QR code to support your digital marketing tactics and enable online purchases or promotions?

Brochures and booklets

The power of informative brochures and booklets lies in their longevity. From lying on someone’s office desk to sitting in a handbag, brochures are a fantastic print product to help your business stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression.

High-quality company booklets are available in varied specifications such as procedure documents, annual reports, presentations, and much more.

Stickers and labels

Contemporary marketing is often more about subtle branding than in-your-face advertising. Subtle stickers and labels are a great way to spread brand awareness and boost company loyalty, from noticeable placement on packaging to complementary laptop stickers. A range of small and large sticker runs are available in high- and low-tacs and strengths from Colemans Printing.

Expert printers in Darwin at Colemans Printing

With a reputation for superior printed marketing materials with memorable designs and quality finishes, Colemans Printing is the most trusted commercial printer in Darwin. Leading print technology and innovative graphic designers result in premium business cards, banners, invites, brochures, and much more with every custom print run.

Contact Colemans Printing today to discuss your requirements for printing services in Darwin, or with any queries.