Supercharge Your Brand Identity with Impactful Signage

Oct 12, 2023

Unlock the power of first impressions. In a split-second, signage can ignite intrigue and sculpt perceptions. It’s the bridge between your brand and its audience, a silent salesperson. This bridge, if crafted masterfully, can become the keystone of your brand identity and is something every local business needs to master to grow its customer base.

Brands are living stories in the minds of customers. Every touchpoint matters, and signage is a blockbuster chapter. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered and resonated with. Great signage, together with a well-built visual identity, benefits your business in several ways: 

  • Amplifies brand awareness 
  • Echoes your brand values
  • Crafts unforgettable customer experiences.
  • Drives sales at key conversion points
  • Promotes brand loyalty and recollection

Of course, it’s a lot to ask for a single shopfront sign or outdoor banner to do all these alone. That’s why, as Darwin’s signage and branding specialists, we work with local companies to find the most effective and efficient signage solutions. 

Signage builds brand identity in several ways

Mastering the art of first impressions

Signage is often the first touchpoint between a brand and its customers. Researchers reckon you have somewhere between 0.1 and 7 seconds to make a good impression.

So, when we plan signage for Darwin brands, we consider how to use that fleeting time to fire up customers’ interest. As well as great design, location, visibility, legibility and information hierarchy all play a part in building a strong brand identity from the first impression.

  • Position the signage where customers will see it
  • Consider obstructions, distractions and view angles
  • Design to stand out and grab attention
  • Avoid overcrowding to help the brand stand out
  • Keep the sign clean to show customers you care about quality

Whether a storefront sign, corflute A-Frame or window display, considering the first interaction from the customer’s perspective helps to catch and keep their attention.

Consistency is key

After setting the tone with an eye-catching first impression, consistency helps to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty. 

The “rule of seven” is a tried-and-tested marketing trope that says customers need to see your brand at least seven times before they’re ready to make a purchase. Seven might not be the magic number for every brand. But you can be sure a customer needs to see your brand more than once before it sticks in their mind.

  • Establish (and stick to) brand guidelines for signage
  • Maintain key branding elements on all signage (we’ll dive into these shortly)
  • Consider how signage builds brand identity with consecutive interactions
  • Tailor the message to suit the location, context and format

You only need to look at superstar brands like McDonald’s and Bunnings to see how consistency in physical signage builds brand recognition. 

Materials speak louder than words

Signage material choice is a direct reflection of a brand’s values. Obvious examples would be eco-friendly brands using sustainable printing solutions or late-night eateries using bright lights to let customers know they’re open.

But if you really want your Darwin signage to stand out, you can do a lot more than use wood to show sustainability. Here are some hot insights:

  • Glossy materials represent a vibrant brand, while matte materials convey professionalism
  • Corflute signage is perfect for temporary signage such as events and conferences
  • Colorbond signage is often associated with durability, especially in the construction industry
  • Vinyl window displays are a great match for temporary and seasonal events, such as sales and holiday promotions.

No matter what material you choose, the finish quality is always important for building customers’ confidence in your brand. Colemans Printing and Signage has Darwin’s largest range of signage materials, with the equipment and experience to deliver high-quality finishes that help your brand look its best.

Unravelling the design magic behind show-stopping signage

In case you missed our recent blog, The Importance of Graphic Design on Impactful Marketing, it’s a good read to get familiar with graphic design.

The same design elements that encourage customers to attach a brochure to the fridge are also crucial for pulling people off the street to browse a store. But unlike digital assets or printed collateral, signage usually stands alone, which means one sign does a lot of work. 

Design really makes a difference. Let’s pull back the curtain to see what elements make great design…

Colour: a world of emotion in a palette

Each hue tells a story. So it makes sense that different colours evoke different associations and emotions. For example, a luxury brand might use dark colours with gold or silver accents, while a more playful brand might use bright colours.

Choose a limited colour palette that reflects your brand’s attitude, and ensure the colours remain consistent across all signage. Using accents can help to mix things up and add flair while staying within brand guidelines.

Typography: beyond just words

The right font doesn’t just convey a message; it embodies your brand’s soul. Specific font choices can become synonymous with a brand. Think of the bold, distinctive fonts of brands like Disney or Coca-Cola – or the “golden arches” – which have become instantly recognisable without any extra hints. 

Font choices also impact how information is received. For example, serif fonts are typically used to communicate important information, while sans-serif fonts are more casual. Our graphic designers can help you choose the perfect font to match your logo, build a cohesive brand identity, and remain consistent across different touchpoints, from shopfront signage to the website.

Graphics and imagery: visual echoes of your brand

A logo or mascot isn’t just an image, it’s a brand ambassador, and when used in signage can be a great way to reinforce brand identity. It can even become a stand-in for the brand name when space constraints limit your options. The iconic floppy-hatted gardener on every Jim’s franchise (Jim’s Mowing, Jim’s Cleaning, Jim’s Fencing – you get the idea) is an awesome example of the power of a logo in signage.

Brand elements are another great way to build consistency. When our team plans signage for Darwin businesses, they always consider how individual elements can creatively reinforce the brand without overusing the logo. 

Leverage your location

One final consideration for high-impact signage is where you place it. With so many signage options available, you have a lot of flexibility here. It’s important to consider the customer journey to plan impactful signage that creates a positive experience.

For example, using floor decals to direct foot traffic in a shopping centre creates a playful interaction. Or you can consider how two signs work together, such as using an A-Frame sign on the street to draw attention to a temporary window decal.

The best signage in Darwin uses its environment to create a memorable experience that surprises and delights customers.

Colemans Signage draws on 70 years of business

It might take under seven seconds to form a first impression, but we’ve been helping local brands create memorable experiences for over 70 years. 

Our printing and signage specialists create experiences that captivate customers and increase foot traffic. From first impression to final sale, Colemans is Darwin’s full-service signage and creative partner.

Please feel free to reach out if we can offer advice or expertise for your next marketing project.